About Us

Oregon Transfer Co. is a family-owned, full service third party logistics (3PL) company established in Portland, Oregon in 1868. We offer you a long history of providing reliable logistics services, working in partnership so you can focus on your core competencies and leave your regional logistics challenges to us. We focus on friendly, open communications so you know we’re taking care of your business throughout the supply chain. That’s the value-add we bring to you as business partners, helping you achieve your goals.

Our customers consider us the premier operator in the Northwest and one of the leaders in the logistics industry. While equipped with the capabilities of our largest competitors, Oregon Transfer Co. retains the agility and responsiveness of a small operation. With almost 150 years in the business, we’re the oldest and largest logistics company in the region. Our senior management team has 100+ combined years of industry experience that you can rely on. In fact, all of our staff is highly knowledgeable and tenured, ready to provide you with personalized service.

We own and operate food grade and light industrial warehouse facilities with reliable storage and handling services for a variety of food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, industrial and general merchandise clients. Our facilities are secured and monitored 24/7. We provide transportation services to and from our multiple facilities. Our Special Projects Division offers value-added services including shrink-wrapping, module-display building, kitting, repacking, etc. These customized specialization programs offer you flexibility, efficiency and level of service that are difficult to achieve with in-house programs. Our job is to serve as the final quality control check for your products.

We are active members in many industry groups including the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA, formerly AWA), the Warehousing, Education and Research Council (WERC), the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the Oregon Trucking Association (OTA).

A Rich History of Logistics

Oregon Transfer Co. traces our roots to the days of wagon trains and westward expansion, where logistics was already playing a vital role in the region’s economy.  The original company founders started in the transportation and logistics business in 1855 and were integral in the establishment of the city of Portland and achieving Oregon statehood. To honor their commitment, several Portland streets bear the names of these early stakeholders. Oregon Transfer Co. was officially established in 1868 and changed hands several times until 1926 when the Bates family acquired the company.  Many generations later, they retain ownership and continue the tradition of providing excellent logistics services.

In the mid 1850’s, most commerce in the west was handled regionally by ship and locally by horse drawn cart. Oregon Transfer Co. identified the opportunity and started in business, creating articles of incorporation that defined “the general transfer business of freight and passengers of all kinds and descriptions in the state of Oregon, across and along rivers, and other streams forming the boundary thereof, and in adjoining territories; to receive and receipt for all kinds of baggage and freight, and the same for hire transfer and convey to and from any and all depots, warehouses, steamships, steamboats, ferry boats, docks, sailing vessels, railroad cars, hotels houses, shops, stables, stores, or other places within said state – and to transfer and convey passengers to and from any of the points above.”

As infrastructure developed and technology progressed, our logistics business evolved, with horses making way for trucks and carts and carriages for trailers. Dock workers traded hooks and rope for forklifts and stretch film. Horse stables were converted to warehouse space and we developed additional real estate into modern food grade facilities. Beautiful leather-bound ledgers, meticulously maintained in artful script, we replaced with computers and WMS software. To this day, we are proud of our rich heritage and continue the original commitment to excellent service.

Our customer service team is standing by to help your business succeed

Customer Service

To provide you with the best customer service, our highly trained, collaborative team focuses on creating the most cost effective and efficient solutions for your business. Drawing on each teammate’s strengths and expertise, we work together to address challenges and identify opportunities.

  • Solid teamwork mindset
  • Over 10 years average tenure
  • A dedicated point of contact with fully trained backup
  • Consolidated for efficient cross-training and collaboration
  • Coverage for peak seasons and volume spikes
  • Extensive experience in WMS, SAP, and multiple proprietary systems
  • Committed to providing cost effective solutions to our customer’s needs

We use the latest and greatest technology to better serve your companies needs


We understand the critical role that technology plays in running an efficient and successful operation. Oregon Transfer Co. has invested in great systems to provide our customers with reliable service, prompt and useful reporting, and accurate handling of inventory. Our team utilizes innovative technologies to meet your needs:

  • Powerful and flexible WMS for accurate inventory management
  • Robust RF and barcode scanning equipment for inventory tracking
  • Barcode creation for ongoing, special need, and compliance labeling
  • Customer web portal providing access to your account information
  • Automated reports and alerts for ongoing status
  • Customized Reports
  • Custom programming and ability to interface with ERP systems
  • Route planning, dispatch, freight brokering, EDI, and Reports
  • Full range of EDI handling (X.12, XML, flat, etc.), transaction set and exchange capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions: Call for a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to your facility?

You can find directions to our facilities on our Contacts page.

Do you handle frozen goods?

Not at this time. We can recommend some excellent service providers.

Do you do cross dock shipments?

Yes. We currently have several active cross dock programs.

Do you do repackaging of materials from one configuration to another?

Yes. We offer various ongoing and short-term repack projects.

What do you do with damaged goods?

We partner with The Oregon Food Bank and Sunshine Division to coordinate the donation of as much salvageable product as possible.  

Do you have rail service?

Yes. Our buildings are rail served by Union Pacific (UP), Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF), or both.

Do you have a transportation department?

We offer both a company fleet and work with a variety of partner carriers to cover any of your shipping needs.